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Salve! χαῖρε! The faculty members of the Department of Classics & Early Christian Literature at Ave Maria University use this space to share about the life of the department. We also enjoy passing along links and quotations of general Classical interest.

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  • November 23, 2012 9:22 pm

    The Department of Classics & Early Christian Literature is very pleased to share that the information for the summer study of Latin and Greek in the Polis Method at Ave Maria University has now been posted. As there was last summer, so also this summer there will be two courses, both designed for complete beginners in the ancient languages. The Latin course will be led by Dr. Bradley Ritter and the Koine Greek course by Dr. Christophe Rico. Both of these courses are based on an active reception and use of the language; each course is taught almost completely in Greek or Latin from the first day, just as modern languages would be. See here for more information.

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