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Salve! χαῖρε! The faculty members of the Department of Classics & Early Christian Literature at Ave Maria University use this space to share about the life of the department. We also enjoy passing along links and quotations of general Classical interest.
  • November 13, 2012 8:44 pm

    Ex diversissimis Nationibus

    In the motu proprio Latina Lingua, Pope Benedict XVI wrote:

    … in our world in which science and technology hold pride of place, a renewed interest in the Latin language and culture may be observed, and not only on those continents which have their cultural roots in the Greek and Latin patrimony. This is particularly remarkable because not only does this fresh interest involve the realm of universities and education, but it extends even to young people and to students from the most diverse nations and traditions.

    I would say this counts a good example of the just mentioned:

    Next year the University of Melbourne will add Latin and ancient Greek to its already garrulous diploma of languages, a useful course for would-be teachers. In private schools, the story is told of pupils who take up Latin once they realize they cannot compete in Mandarin with fellow pupils who speak that language at home.

    Yet, as with any pair of languages, there are many points of connection for any point of competition. In June this year, the Beijing Foreign Studies University opened Latinitas Sinica — a Centre for Latin Language and Culture in China.

    A cursory web search didn’t turn up a website for Latinitas Sinica, but there is this PDF with some more information about it.