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Salve! χαῖρε! The faculty members of the Department of Classics & Early Christian Literature at Ave Maria University use this space to share about the life of the department. We also enjoy passing along links and quotations of general Classical interest.
  • Latin and Greek Summer Intensive Immersion Courses at Ave Maria University

    Immersion courses designed to teach you to speak, to read, to write Latin or Greek.

                    In our intensive workshops, you won’t just study Latin and Greek the usual way; you will hear, speak, read and write the ancient languages. The Summer Intensive Courses in Latin and Greek at Ave Maria are designed to bring you to an active proficiency in Classical Latin or Koine Greek through immersion and dedicated study.  Students learn by communicative exchange from the first day of class. They also make a serious commitment: in addition to four hours of class work every day, students are expected to spend time daily in study and homework preparation. Levels 1 and 2 combined provide the equivalent of two semesters of elementary and intermediate Latin or Greek.

                    What makes our courses unique is the methodology. In our summer courses, the only ones of their kind in the United States, you will be gradually introduced to the grammar of Latin or Greek (or reintroduced, if you already have studied the languages) by learning to communicate. Intensive language drills, dialogues, conversation and storytelling will help you not only to develop a rich spoken vocabulary, but also to gain a solid grasp of the morphology.  Immersion in and out of class will help you to speak, read, write and think in Latin or Greek! We will also make the outdoors our classroom as we visit local gardens and parks to discuss trees and plants, animals, birds, insects, weather, and to simply converse in Latin and Greek.

                    All participants will learn to develop their spoken and written expression in Latin or Greek both in the formal classroom setting, and informally, outside of class.  To create an immersion environment, participants will be asked to speak Latin or Greek exclusively with one another and the faculty in the courses and during the outings.

                    While the program is designed for students interested in learning to speak Latin or Greek, teachers and professors who want to gain exposure to an active language methodology are also encouraged to enroll.

    Latin course details for Summer 2014

    • Level 1: Monday, May 19 - Friday, June 6

    • Level 2: Monday, June 9 - Friday, June 27

      (both levels taught by Dr. Bradley Ritter, Ave Maria University)

    • Classes meet Monday through Friday, 8 am to 12 pm

    • Two field trips in Latin during weekday afternoons every three week period.

    Greek course details for Summer 2014

    • Level 1: Wednesday, May 21 - Tuesday, June 10

      (taught by Stephen Hill, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

    • Level 2:  Thursday, June 12 - Wednesday, July 2

      (taught by Dr. Christophe Rico, Director of the Polis Institute, Jerusalem)

    • Classes meet Monday through Friday, 8 am to 12 pm
    • Two field trips in Greek during weekday afternoons every three week period.

    Price for tuition: $750 per level. Those enrolling to receive credit, however, will pay the regular student rate. For details, contact the registrar by email or by phone ((239) 280-2565). Course availability, dates and times subject to change based on enrollment.

    Your stay

    Rooms are available on campus. Dormitories are equipped with laundry facilities and a kitchen.

    Student responses

    Greek with Christophe Rico and the textbook Polis:

    “One of the greatest language teachers I have ever encountered.”
    “The course was very well taught. Dr. Rico is excellent and one can only dream of having a grasp of ancient Greek as he does.”

    Latin with Dr. Ritter and the textbook Urbs et Orbis Terrarum

    “This course offers the most engaging and effective method of learning Latin. I recommend it to anyone interested in the language, yet those who lack an interest will certainly find one here.”
    “Loved the class and the teacher.”

    Field trips will include visits to the Naples Zoo, the Naples Pier and Corkscrew Swamp Bird Sanctuary. Both provide ample opportunities for conversation and language practice and some recreation from classroom work.

    Sponsored by Ave Maria University and the Polis Institute

    To apply today, contact Dr. Bradley Ritter. Phone: (239) 280-1667